Dec 8, 2009


Ever make the mistake of sharing a pet peeve with someone who thinks it’s funny? Ya know, the kind of jerk who brings it up every time you see each other; tells people about it; won’t let you forget it? Maybe it's better to suffer alone.

Nah, maybe not. I’m not particularly peevy, but there are a few things that drive me crazy.

The term “now, more than ever.” Uuuugh. Can't we cook up a new manipulative sales gimmick? I HATE IT! Let’s head into 2010 with a better catchphrase. IDEAS, ANYONE?

Showerheads that only spray a skimpy ring of water make me want to punch someone in the face. A low pressure trickle is a terrible way to start the day. It’s not a shower unless I’m being pelted by a hot torrential downpour.

Even from far across the room, men in skinny jeans know just the right way to tickle my gag reflex. Accentuating your twiggy calves is anything but sexy, hipsters! Leave it to the ladies.

Other people’s spit. Public tooth sucking, phlegm hacking and lip smacking should be outlawed. It may not warrant the death penalty, but at least a year in solitary confinement.


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